Carly Fiorina CEO Hewlette Packard Perception on Islam – 2001 Speech

Once existed a vast civilization in the world. The civilization spread out from the cold north tills to tropical areas and desert regions. In the empire lived millions of people from various ethnics, races, and religions. One of the languages that dominating the world at that time was also the communication of all the races and citizens in that civilization. The armies formed from various races and citizens. The army protection upheld harmony and blessing that never existed previously.

The trade of this civilization expanded across to countries such as the Latin America, China and provinces between the two vast regions. The civilization had produced many innovations and inventions. Architects of the civilization had erected buildings and able to deny theory of gravity (defied gravity). The mathematicians of the civilization had invented Algebra and Algorithm that enable people today to make computers and produces ‘encryption’. The doctors from the civilization were succeeded to find and invent vaccines to various sicknesses.

The astronomists from the civilization had looked at the sky and named the stars and opened knowledge to voyages and exploring the space. The writers of the civilization had composed thousands of stories about fighting and wars, love, and the magician’s world, although the people previously were too scared to talk of such believes and stories. The civilization caused the innovations continuing to propagate. While other races were trying to diminish the olden knowledge, however, the civilization had acted adversely by spreading and expanding the knowledge to all races.

The civilization that the x-CEO pointed out was the Islamic Civilization that enriched from 800 to 1600 AC that engulfed the Ottoman Empire of areas such as Baghdad, Damascus, and Egypt and contribution of the leaders like Suleiman the Great in Turkey.

The westerners should not forget contributions that they get from the civilization which part of their inheritances. Industrial technologies would not exist without contributions from the Arab/Muslim mathematicians. In addition, the civilization’s great leaders taught the people about tolerance and posh civil administration.

What could be learnt from the civilization? It exposed of leadership based on meritocracy rather than inheritance. Then, expanded all the knowledge that the people possessed from multi ethnic and religions consisted of the Christians, the Muslims, and the Jews.

The great inheritances of the leaders were able to contribute of 800 years exploring of new inventions, and developments. After 911 AC the people in the darkness committed to build communities and institutions that to be taken from the Islamic Civilization.

For all of us, at least we could grasp something from the speech, especially to the Muslims who majorities are facing inferiority complex in this challenging ICT – borderless world.


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